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Author Topic: A “hello” and my first Zodiac  (Read 3032 times)

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A “hello” and my first Zodiac
« on: August 13, 2010, 05:27:43 pm »
I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself; my name is Dave and I live in New Jersey.  I started visiting this site a few weeks ago when I began my quest to finally track down a Zodiac Red Point Chrono.

I don’t remember when I first saw the watch but it was many years ago and it was love at first sight!  I probably should have jumped on one years ago but I never did so when I started looking recently I was very aware that they were getting hard to find and also that the price had gone way up!

I found one last month on the popular auction site but decided to pass as it was a international deal from someone I didn’t know and who did not offer a return policy.  I was a bit frustrated and then a fellow WIS (thanks again John – JDS Ohio) who knew I was looking notified me that another popped up that was CONUS. 

The pictures posted in the listing were pretty bad but the price was right, I submitted my “max bid’ and watched as the auction ticked down.  To my surprise there wasn’t any last minute activity and I ended up with the winning bid and picked it up for half of what I expected to pay.  I was still worried about the condition and figured I would end up with a restoration project  :)

The watch arrived today and I was pleasantly surprised!! After a good cleaning and crystal polishing here is my "new to me" Red Point Chrono

The bracelet is in very good shape with just a bit of stretch, a few small scuffs on the bezel but nothing deep, and the crystal is fine.  After a few hours of running it seems to be pretty accurate, the chrono works as it should and all hands reset.

I appreciate all the info I was able to get from this site, thank you very much.

Needless to say I am very happy, I really got lucky with this one!

All the best


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Re: A “hello” and my first Zodiac
« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2010, 05:45:26 pm »
Great watch and welcome to the zforums!

Contact me for any technical issues related to the website.

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Re: A “hello” and my first Zodiac
« Reply #2 on: August 14, 2010, 10:41:05 am »
 ;D you found a good one there!! bezel is REALLY nice, so many you see have a beat up bezel and inserts are impossible to find. fantastic find especially with the original bracelet. take good care of it as cronos are really expensive to clean/repair!! i own a late 50s 3 register wakmann  crono that is working fine, i hope it never breaks cause i cant afford the 174. to 300. to repair it ! welcome to the best watch forum on the web,it is always nice to get new members. JON

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Re: A “hello” and my first Zodiac
« Reply #3 on: August 14, 2010, 02:59:04 pm »
Great looking watch in fabulous condition. Its always nice when it works out. :)

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Re: A “hello” and my first Zodiac
« Reply #4 on: August 16, 2010, 05:29:52 pm »
Very nice chrono.  I like the legible markers and hands. Sometimes those chronos weren't designed to really be tools, yours would be readable in all sorts of light conditions.  Welcome and congrats on a great "get".   TJW


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