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What does "mint" mean?

Started by orangecorallimorph, November 26, 2010, 01:23:28 AM


I was just wondering what constitutes a description of "mint" in a vintage watch description? Is this the standard I should use to measure with? checkout #280594486523. I haven't seen this "mint" style in the gallery, or maybe I missed it under Zodiacs that never were?


MINT is a often misused description of the condition of the watch. I have only ever sold ONE "mint condition" watch that I remember. To me, "mint" means almost like new, perfect, nearly like when it left the factory. Were you to use a rating percentage is would be 98-100% as new.

Originality comes into play too. Obviously this one is not mint nor original condition.
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jon p

 :P mint--NOT ! i think it is an above average example. i have seen the gray/orange bezel before, not common. bezel insert IS REALLY NICE. from description it was for " officers only "---LOL!!! i dont believe these were EVER issued by the military. description of the band is really funny. i dont think these were ever sold with anything other than a metal bracelet in a couple of style, jb champion mfg--USA.  back of case looks a little rough, looks like it was really used for diving in salt water a one time in its life.  at the right price it could be a nice keeper, with above average dial / hands. let the bidding begin!


"Mint" is probably the most overused (and abused) word in internet watch sales, with "Rare" being a close second....


Unless it is >me< using the word rare...   ;)
Collecting Zodiacs is not for the meek; be an educated collector.
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Quote from: Butch on November 26, 2010, 11:20:02 PM
Unless it is >me< using the word rare...

Very true.  You only use it when it actually applies, if only all sellers were so honest!



Sea Wolf

Dramatic ORANGE  highlights (officer exclusive)

The unworn, buckled black band may also be the original  (I can't be sure, but it's marked "Stainless Steel Hong Kong" which was standard issue for Navy Seal watches)

Who bids on stuff like this?  I guess if you wanted a orange bezel, you'd bid on this or if you had a bunch of unfinished SW's laying around, you could complete a couple watches with this?

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