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Title: Zodiac 76. Cal Day/Date Automatic. Model unknown.
Post by: OkBro on December 28, 2019, 03:11:24 pm

Bought this piece about a month ago, runs well, worn it daily for about a month, reset the time each Sunday and measure deviation 4 or more times a day, a clockwork -9 s/pd. Good enough for me.

Can't find much out aboul the model.

If anyone knows something, let me know.

It's a beautiful little piece, a good find, here are some pics.

Let me know what you think
Title: Re: Zodiac 76. Cal Day/Date Automatic. Model unknown.
Post by: Cobber on January 02, 2020, 12:07:08 pm
Nice watch! 
These started appearing in the Zodiac catalog in the late sixties I believe.  Model designation is the 762 931. 
Later models look almost identical but they added the SST moniker to the dial (for split second timer/timing, I forget which) when they started putting the high beat movement in them.  Not 100% sure but I do not think the cal. 76 are high beat movements but are based on the same A. Schild movement that are high beats.  Someone can correct my on that if I'm wrong. 
Also, I think this was one of their first models to feature the day + date.  Appears this is not a quick set date which is probably a good thing for longevity sake.  Crowns on the quick set (push-in to advance) crowns usually sit a little proud off the case.  Judging by the wear on the case back this watch probably gave someone a lot of years of good service and in return they treated it respectfully.  Topside the case and lugs look fantastic and the dial has aged a bit.  Pretty charming.

That is definitely the correct bracelet for this model and I would have to say is most likely original.  Is it missing links?.  If you like this watch I would highly recommend getting a quality service performed on it if not done already.  Personally I really like these not so commonly sought after Zodiacs.  To many years of looking at Sea Wolfs I suspect.

Congrats and welcome to the forum.