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Zodiac movement in a Breitling?

Started by Cobber, August 10, 2012, 07:48:05 AM


item #: 110926191484

Am I reading this correctly.  Breitling sold this watch originally with a Zodiac movement.  If so, does anyone know of any other brands that used Zodiac movements (besides Clebar obviously)?

jon p

 :wtf :wtf :wtf :wtf  why would breitling use a zodiac movement?? if this is real i bet butch has already bid on it!! wonder why seller didnt show movement!?


Sure looks authentic.  Case back and paperwork are both stamped with Z74 and seller seems to be under the assumption this means it's a Zodiac movement.  If he's correct in this assumption it wouldn't make sense why some one would go to the trouble of faking it.  Who would have thought you could increase the value of a Breitling by putting a Zodiac movement in it.  I certainly have respect for vintage Zodiacs but we seem to be a pretty small community amongst the likes of Omega, Rolex, and Breitling.

I'm going to finally make the jump to the pay service here.  Not sure if I'll find a movement designated Z74 but I'm getting to reliant on waiting for someone with more knowledge to weigh in on questions that I might be able to answer for myself.  Not only on this but other cool stuff that's always coming up as well.


I'm back.  Zodiac did indeed have a moon phase movement designated Cal. 74.  Pretty damn interesting.

jon p

i think most of the zodiac movements were actually  made by A shildes, probably spelled wrong!! maybe this is why the 3D movement is also used by brietling. mystery, come on UV, DMH and BUTCH--any ideas?!


I cannot imagine Breitling ever buying Zodiac movements and selling them in their watches. Having said that, it does look like it as the paperworks is stamped Zodiac 74. I know nothing about that brand. UV may be able to shed some more info on that movement. Any chance of getting the seller to post a picture of it?
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That is a mystery.  I am quite familiar with the Zodiac caliber 74, but have never even heard of it being in a Breitling before.  Breitling is known for having someone else make their movements (ETA, Valjoux, Venus etc), but this would be a rare instance for sure.  Considering that it is a new watch, it is altogether possible that they found a group of NOS movements somewhere in Switzerland and used them for a special edition.  Other companies have done similar projects. 

Bottom line for me though, I would rather have the ALL ZODIAC triple date moonphase instead :sho


Oh, wow.  UV, you bring up a good point.  I never looked at the seller's age of the watch.
I had assumed this was a "safe" queen or some other type of modern relic.  Your scenario
never occurred to me.  Breitling really seems to be digging into Zodiac's repertoire.  First
the "Sea Wolf" now this.  Maybe this is Breitling showing kudos to Zodiac on this one.

On second thought, maybe I have become narccisstic in regards to Zodiac.  :helpme


Could be rabbit. These things do happen. Back at the turn of the century (I never tire of saying that) Ken Genender had found some NOS calibre 95 (based on AS 5008) movements somewhere and was planning, or at least thinking to make, a Zodiac special edition alarm watch for the 2000 line.
Collecting Zodiacs is not for the meek; be an educated collector.
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