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Author Topic: NOS Astrographic 2000's ALL FIVE STYLES STARTING AT $490 to VZ Members ONLY  (Read 2356 times)

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I also have all 5 styles of the Astrographic 2000s. If a true Zodiac collector wants one these are NIBB with manuals...never worn. I've had these since late 2001, I have all 5 styles available albeit VERY limited on some.

If any of these turn up on ebay that will be the end of it. Please police yourselves.

I want these to go to true Zodiac collectors
 not interested in selling to resellers who are going to resell on ebay. That will only hurt what little few are left.

Here's the prices. As I bought these at different times some cost more than others. These prices good only if ordering direct from me with a credit card. No paypal or the price will be higher.

Round Case Silver Engine Turned Dial....................$490.00

Square "TV" Case Silver Engine Turned Dial...........$500.00

Square "TV" Case Black Dial (Rare) Only a few......$600.00

Round Case Lapis Blue Dial
(Pictured...Only a few of these as well).................$600.00

Round Case Black Dial....Very Limited Supply).......$550.00

If someone wants an entire set of all FIVE Styles
(2-3 sets available ONLY to members)...................$2500.00

I want to see these going into some good hands of people who appreciate them.

Here's the link to them.
Order form is on there, just mention you are a VZ member
and fill in the price (s) above and the model you want.


International shipping add $40
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Very reasonable price for these nice watches! I sold my other 2000 Astro for way more than $550!  :ur

Also, very cool that your'e offering them here directly to the Zodiac faithful.....(i want 10% commission on all sales!!!!)  ;)

Just saw one of YOUR NOS SSW's up on Ebay for $1800+.....Clearly someone is re-selling hoping to make a quick buck....$1290 is awesome, and again, a very reasonable price IMHO....

Cheers Timemachine!


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