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These are some of my personal watches.
(and these jeweler's electric advertising wall clocks!)

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  • 00-Stand
    These are some of my personal watches.
  • Earlier Zods
    Earlier Zodiacs
  • 60s Mostly
    60s Mostly
  • Diver-SW
    Diver Sea Wolf
  • 01-2000Astro
    The new Astrographic given to me buy the previous owner of Zodiac Watches.
  • 02-AutoG-my
    Zodiac Astrographic Power Reserve model. This watch has a complicated movement as the hand under the normal hands is a actually a gauge of how much the watch is wound up by the automatic rotor. It shows 0-12-24-36 hours. I have a very interesting article on this model from a 1949 issue of SJH posted under Zodiac Info. A very scientific look at this specific model. (Yeah, most of it DID go right over my head!) But, let me tell you about this watch...I bought this watch last year for $85 knowing it needed a service. Well, after I had the case and signed crown replated I found out the mov't was rusted all to hell. Just my luck! So I bought another AS mov't, but then found out it was the wrong one! Then swapped a friend of mine for the right one. Then found out the guy could not fix for me due to family problems. Then I sent it to a friend in England who not only made mine work, but cleaned up the spare one and put some Orvin parts into it and made the second work too! (He is DAMN good and very patient (with me).) So, this watch went from FL to NJ to FL to DE to England and back to DE. And after almost a year I was actually able to wear this watch. OK, so I'm a dope. But now I am a HAPPY dope. And the saga continues... My watch wanted an order of fish 'n chips so I sent it off to Jolly Old England again! It got there and immediately started running, ate its fill and is now back in the good ole U.S. of A. again.
  • 03-JetAero
    Zodiac Hermetic Jet Aeronaut. The dial is black and is marked "Zodiac Hermetic Jet Aeronaut. It is a true 24 hour dial,  stainless steel case is marked Zodiac, water resistant, antimagnetic, shock resistant, Swiss made, and has a picture of a fish engraved on the back. The crown is a signed Zodiac Original. The movement is a manual wind hack set 17 jewel Zodiac 721. This watch survived many years in Alaska.
  • 04
    1950's Zodiac Triple Date Moonphase Automatic - The three most desirable features in this model are black dial, automatic movement, and in stainless steel.
  • 06-My50sSW
    1950's Zodiac Sea Wolf w/ diver's stretch band. Note the logo on the rotor!
  • 1970s2RegChrono
    1950's Zodiac 2 register Chronograph in stainless steel.
  • 1970s3RegGMTChrono
    1970's 3 register chronograph with a 4th GMT hand and bezel with original band.
  • 32mmAutoG-OrigBand
  • 3DMP
  • BWGloriousOrigBand
  • CustomGMT
  • DressWatch1
  • GuardsmanRed
  • HermAfter
  • NOSAstroII
  • OlymposRegDial
  • SqRotoGAuto
  • SW
  • Stand4
  • 1921JumpHour
  • DayDate
  • OlymposMystery
  • SeaSkate
  • ShvlHandSW
  • Spacetronic
  • Stand5
  • 1940sHermetic
  • 24hrJet
  • Regulator1
  • Regulator2
  • ShvlSWwBand
  • YelGlorious1
  • 50sAutoG
  • 70sGlorious
  • 90s SSW
  • Astro-Blue
  • His-Hers-Olym
  • Olympos2
  • ShvlBluChkr
  • ShvlYelChkr
  • SST-DD
  • SST-Jeff
  • SwirledDial
  • Tank
  • ThinManualwBand
  • BlkNoDateSW1
  • DiimondDial
  • GMT1-F
  • SW1-F
  • HorseShoeSerNo1303242
  • SerNo258424
  • SerNo387850
  • Tank2
  • YelSST-DD
  • SSW
  • Wht24Hr
  • KinglineChronometer
  • GoldTexturedDial
  • 1950sAutoG
    As discussed elsewhere here, this is my latest acquisition. If you look at My Watches, this one, the SqRotoGAuto, and the BWGloriousOrigBand are all from the same period and similar examples can be found in the 1950's catalog on All three are more or less complete, the AutoG being the only one a fully complete set. I took a quick down and dirty picture of the three of them together just for kicks. This Autographic is virtually unworn. Without opening the back I am relatively sure that it has never been serviced as it has never been polished. All edges are very sharp, including the crown. I presume that someone bought it, wore it for a while and then put it away. I bought this from the owner's descendants. Many of my watches are acquired this way and this makes them even more valuable to me personally. I tend to pay more for these types of acquisitions than I normally pay for specimens. I wound it once, found it to still be accurate after 60+ years, and then put it away awaiting its future first service before wearing it of course.
  • LikeNewAstro
  • 1494705SWF
  • 1885597-3
  • 2w
  • 50sAutoG380546Box
  • 60sGlorious1197242F
  • 60sOlymposMystery1544333F
  • 70sSWF
  • AstroF
  • BlkNoDateSW1
  • BlueSWF
  • FMason
  • GMTF
  • Goldenline
  • Goldenline2
  • HermeticF-258424
  • Mid70sSWF
  • Org-F2
  • OrgSW1886959F2
  • RotoF-387850
  • SSWF2
  • SW-TransitionalPiece
  • SW-Wht-F
  • SWF
  • SWF1683279
  • TankMachinedF
  • TankShinyF
  • TT-Sm
  • TTSWF1853318
  • WTF
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