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Zodiacs that never were

  • FakeKortzZodiac
    Fake Zodiac Watch, Zodiac name on a fake Rolex.
  • 01-SpecialGMT
    Sorry, I just couldn't resist! This is the $999.00 watch from my GMT For Sale page. This is my own GMT that my watchmaker put together (with loving care!) for me from a bunch of my favorite parts. The hands are from a 1960's Sea Wolf, the second hand is from a 1970's shovel hand Sea Wolf, the new dial is from a late model 1970's GMT but the 24 hour hand is from an early 1960's GMT, and the red and blue, Rolex like bezel, is brand new. Moral: Do not believe it unless you have done your research!
  • 02-15
    70's SST Astrographic that someone has replaced the mystery disks with regular hour and minute hands.
  • 03-1
    70's GMT with a Sea Wolf bezel.
  • 04-2
    70's Sea Wolf with a GMT Bezel. Another interesting fact is the dial. This dial has been blistered, Zodiac never SOLD a watch with a dial that looked like this! It was caused by heart or water damage, probably the former.
  • 05-3
    This GMT has a non-Zodiac bezel on it. I think it is from a Bulova Astronaut.
  • 06-5
    60's GMT with a Sea Wolf bezel.
  • 07-6
    70's re-cased Sea Wolf and now has no bezel
  • 08-8
    60's Sea Wolf with a terrible redial and non-Zodiac hands.
  • 09-9
    Sea Wolf dial and movement have been re-cased in a Zodiac dress watch case. The second hand is not for a Sea Wolf. The seller on eBay was honest enough to state this in his auction too. Salute sir!
  • 10-10
    Another example of a GMT bezel on a Sea Wolf.
  • 11-SWHandsMarkers
    70's Sea Wolf with luminescence markers re-done and non-original hands.
  • 12-11
    60's GMT with a Sea Wolf bezel and missing the red 24 hour hand.
  • 13-12
    60's Sea Wolf with non-Zodiac bezel and incorrect second hand.
  • 14-13
    60's Sea Wolf with non-Zodiac bezel.
  • 16-14
    70's Sea Wolf with incorrect hands.
  • 17-15
    70's Astrographic that the Hour and Minute disk has been replaced with hands.
  • 18-16
    70's Astrographic that the Seconds disk has been replaced with a hand.
  • 19-17
    Sea Wolf that has been re-cased into an obviously wrong case.
  • 20-18
    60's Sea Wolf with incorrect hands.
  • 21-19
    Redialed 3DMP with AUTOGRAPHIC instead of the proper AUTOMATIC.
  • 22-20
    70's Sea Wolf with incorrect hands.
  • 23-21
    60's Olympos with redial and incorrect hands. Zodiac Olympos under 6 missing.
  • 24-22
    70's World Time GMT with incorrect bezel, should have cities on it.
  • 25-23
    Zodiac GMT with an incorrect redial and wrong bezel.
  • 26-24
    I have seen this one before but am still very skeptical. Note that the second hand is from the shovel hand Sea Wolf. The bezel looks unlike any other Sea Wolf bezel, and the dial has markers unlike any other Sea Wolf ever made and does not say Sea Wolf on it.
  • 27-25
    Supposedly a special order set of hands from the factory. Right.
  • 28-26
    Astrographic with the wrong crystal and second hand replacing the red ball disk.
  • 29-27
    GMT with a non-Zodiac bezel.
  • 30-28
    Sea Wolf with a GMT Bezel
  • 31-29
    Sea Wolf with a GMT Bezel
  • 32-30
    Triple Date Moon Phase? Where is the date chapter? Notice the redial? Why is the movement not stamped Zodiac? Have YOU ever seen a Zodiac 3DMP in a square case?

For Reference Only - No Gallery watches are for sale!!!

I don't think these Zodiacs left the factory this way!

The following are marriages of more than one model into a single watch. Though interesting, I do not believe them to be original. I base this on all the Zodiac sales catalogs I have collected over the years as well as all the Zodiac watches I have seen. This page is provided for the collectors, especially the new ones, who may not be sure of a prospective buy they are looking at. If you email me a picture or a link to a watch you are considering buying I would be happy to render a personal opinion on its originality.

Sea Wolf (always spelled with 2 words) was one distinct model and the Aerospace GMT was another distinct model. The first was for diving and the second, while having all the same waterproof characteristics, was for viewing 2 time zones at once or to tell time in 24 hour mode via its unique 4th hand. There was never a "Sea Wolf GMT" or a "GMT Sea Wolf". There was a World Time GMT, but it had cities on the bezel instead of the 24 hour markers. It was for telling time in two time zones, showing 24 hour military time, as well as normal time. There was never a Sea Wolf with a 24 hour bezel!

Webster's Dictionary defines caveat emptor as "A principle in commerce: without a warranty, the buyer takes the risk." and is from New Latin in the year 1523.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines this old term as "The axiom or principle in commerce that the buyer alone is responsible for assessing the quality of a purchase before buying." From Latin, meaning "let the buyer beware"

One should always learn from others' observations and history. An educated collector is a smart collector. You should not blame the seller as they often do not know much about Zodiacs either!

Spending $29.95 at to find out it is not real and moving on is a lot cheaper than spending hundreds on a worthless Zodiac someone is trying to sell or auction to you.




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