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Sea Wolf Ages

Sea Wolf

The Premier Diving Watch

  • 01-SW-History
  • 02-2351906OrgSWa
    Very Rare 1970's Fluorescent Orange Sea Wolf - Like new bezel, like new dial, like new hands, original band and signed crown. It does not get better than this one. Sold for $400.00 in 10/2002.
  • 03-1792432SWa
    1960's Sea Wolf w/o date, a true diver's watch! Some bezel wear but not bad at all. Signed crown. Sold for $250.00 in 10/2002.
  • 04-SW2180058-1
    1970's Sea Wolf - Original band (fits an almost 8" wrist), like new bezel, beautiful dial! Signed Zodiac crown. REALLY glows in the dark. This model has the push the crown to quick-set the date too! Sold for $350.00 in 08/2002.
  • 05-SST
    1970's SST Sea Wolf - Very rare and hard to find, especially in this condition. Original band and BOTH signed crowns. NICE brushed finish on the coffin shaped case and signed original band. Mint dial and bezel have the BRIGHT fluorescent orange markings. The movement in this watch is the high beat SST 36,000 which was originally guaranteed  to be accurate to 1 minute per month. Crown pushes in to  quickly set the date. Nice clear back. This watch approximately measures 39 mm at its widest point and 45 mm top to bottom. The band will easily fit a 7.5+" wrist. Sold for $400.00 in 08/2002.
  • 06-1924149SW
    1924149 - 1970's - Fully restored - Rarer NOS Gray bezel with luminesence at 12, NOS signed crown, and VERY nice dial with markers that really glow in the dark. Silver hands. Original Zodiac SS band. Very nice clear back. Sold for $350.00 in 06/2002.
  • 07-Blue
    Mid-1970's Sea Wolf - Beautiful iridescent blue dial with silver hour markings. Signed crown and original band. This watch has the later movement in it that allows the crown to be pushed in to quickly set the date. Only minor wear on the outside rim of the bezel. The band will easily fit a 7.5+ inch wrist. Nice clear back. Sold for $400.00 in 06/2002.
  • 08-SSW
    - Fully restored with all original Zodiac parts! NOS dial and hands! NOS SCRATCH FREE crystal!! Bezel is in good shape, please ignore the lint. Original Swiss band with a stretchable clasp. It is 50 mm top to bottom and it is 46 wide including the screw down crown. It is 15 mm thick and very heavy, not for the faint of heart! Last owner just had it serviced. The band will fit a 7.5 inch wrist and has a built in spring to stretch another 1/2 inch or so. The top right picture was taken outside during the day to show off the coloration better. Crown is unscrewed to stop the second hand. Sold for $500.00 in 07/2002.
  • 09-TTSW
    1970's - Fully restored - Rare two toned model - This watch is from my personal collection. NOS dial with NICE yellow markers that really glow in the dark with a NICE yellow bezel in fantastic shape. Instead of a signed  white crown I had an after market yellow crown installed as they came with yellow and it looks better. Nice two toned after market band in a brushed white and shiny yellow finish with an original yellow signed clasp. Beautifully finished brushed case with a VERY nice clear back. Also I had a crystal with a date magnifier installed so I could SEE the date. Note: My 1971 Zodiac catalog says that this model only came with a 9K Gold bezel but I have never seen one marked as gold and I  do not test them. FWIW to you. Sold for $350.00 in 03/2002.
  • 10-2182486
    1970's - Fully restored - NOS Blue bezel with luminesence at 12, NOS signed crown, and NOS dial with NICE markers that really glow in the dark, great glowing hands, and  a nice clear back. Sold for $350.00 in 03/2002.
  • 11-1877360SW
    1960's - Fully restored - NOS Bezel with luminesence at 12, NOS signed crown, and nice dial with aged markers that glow in the dark. Nice clear back. Sold for $250.00 in 03/2002.
  • 12
    Rarer Mid 70's Orange bezel Sea Wolf with Shovel hands. Signed crown and just serviced. This watch glows BRIGHT! Comes on a rubber diving band. Sold for $295.00.
  • 13-1842701F
    1960's Sea Wolf with a signed crown, a re-plated bezel (not by me), blue & black leather band with a signed Zodiac buckle, the dial is original and the luminescence still glows, hands have been re-lummed. Sold for $175.00.
  • 14-1890439F
    1960's White Dial Sea Wolf with Date, this model has a gold plated bezel, signed crown, re-lummed hands. Sold for $175.00.
  • 15-1OrgSWBd
    Another rarer Sea Wolf from the 70s. This watch has just been serviced and the bezel is nice and tight too. Signed crown. Solid link SS band with signed clasp. All removable links in place. Sold for $275.00
  • 16
    1960's Original black dial, the hands have been redone, all glow in the dark, bezel has been replated, and has a replacement crown. Case is great. Nicely restored watch. Serial # 1846117. Picture shown with crown pulled out. Sold for $175.00
  • 17-2077090
    Sea Wolf from the 70s. This watch has just been serviced and the bezel is nice and tight too. Signed crown. After market "beads of rice" SS band with NOS Zodiac signed clasp. Serial # 2077090. Picture shown with crown pulled out. Sold for $200.00
  • 18
    1960's Original dial and hands still glow in the dark, replated bezel looks good and is tight, has a replacement crown. Serial # 1682971 Picture shown with crown pulled out. Sold for $160.00
  • 19
    1960's Original dial and hands still glow in the dark, replated bezel looks good and is tight, has an original signed Zodiac crown. Serial # 1840000. Picture shown with crown pulled out. Sold for $175.00
  • 20
    1970's Rarely purchased (or found!) Sea Wolf. According to my 1971 Zodiac catalog the bezel on this is 9k gold and it originally sold with a T.T. bracelet that was 10k gold-filled. This is a replacement TuTone band with NOS yellow Zodiac clasp. It also sold for more than twice the amount of a regular Sea Wolf. This watch is all original with yellow markers and luminescence, some of which is missing from the hour hand but I have decided to leave it alone. Unlike other Sea Wolfs, this one is marked "T Swiss Made < 25mc" under the 6 meaning that is has just under the maximum allowed amount of tritium used for the luminescence. This watch still glows in the dark. The bezel is in EXCELLENT condition AND is tight. Bright white triangle at 12 and great markers. Signed Zodiac crown. MINOR scratches on the back but NO pitting at all. Serial # 1854468. Sold for $275.00
  • 21
    Sea Wolf.17j signed ETA cal 2783 auto movement, very good+ stainless steel cushion screwback case (39x41mm) Screwdown crown. Rotating bezel. 20atm, near mint black and white dial. Date at 3. A different Sea Wolf with colorfull bezel and screwdown crown.!
  • 22-SW15
    HUGE picture!
  • 23-SW16
    heres a pix of one of my gmts that has a divers bezel and i got it from the orig. owner and ordered it that way, when he was in nam. so i guess they will do just about any thing to please a custmer. i like this watch very much and wear it a lot.
  • 24-SW13
    1960's Seawolf with Date. Nice shiny and tight bezel. Good Dial and Hands. Signed Crown. New Crystal. This is the worst picture I have ever taken. NICE looking watch. This watch is running slow and needs to be serviced. Sold for $ 130.00.
  • 25-diver
    Pre-Seawolf??? Zodiac automatic diver’s wristwatch. Case is stainless steel with screw back and rotating bezel, bezel is marked 15, 30, and 45, and has slashes at the other hours and a red triangle at 12:00. Dial is original, very nice condition, says “Zodiac 10 ATM Automatic” and has Swiss at the bottom. For some reason it has a number hand scribed lightly on the case back. The crown is original and has the Zodiac symbol. This watch is in very nice condition! Sold for $ 132.00
  • 26-SW12
    Another wonderful Zodiac Sea wolf with an excellent oyster style signed zodiac expansion bracelet. This 17 jewel automatic has been recently cleaned and oiled. Mint condition original champagne dial with metal bezel that is not worn but has a sort of antique finish to it. Almost light golden color. Case shows normal usage with no significant scratches, scrapes or dings. The band is almost perfect with very little indication that it had ever been worn. - Sold for $266.00.
  • 27-sw4
  • 28-sw5
    This is a 1960 watch and has been serviced by a jeweler and is running perfect. It has the original band and box it came in.
  • 29-SW7
    Zodiac Watch Company 35mm stainless steel especially water tested to TWENTY ATMOSPHERES Sea Wolf case, 85%. The case has been down rated due to some where on the outer edge of the bezel ring. The dial is an outstanding original black with an outer orange minute track. It has orange and white hands, 96%. The movement is automatic Zodiac seventeen jewel with date. This Super Sea Wolf is becoming very popular, and this is one of the more rare dial design and color schemes. An absolute must for any Zodiac collector. Sold For: $199.00
  • 30-SW8
    Zodiac Watch Company 35mm stainless steel especially water tested to TWENTY ATMOSPHERES signed Seawolf case, 88%. This model has a gold bezel instead of the silver plated bezel which is normally found on these. The dial is a nicely aged original with applied gold luminous markers and hands, 92%. The movement is a full rotor seventeen jewel signed Zodiac. This is another Sea wolf which was used by the Navy Seals and Underwater demolition teams in the seldom seen gold bezel. A divers Dress Watch! Sold For: $229.00
  • 31-SW9
    Don't bid on this watch. I almost decided not to list this watch but to keep it for myself. It is gorgeous. This is a rather wonderful, near mint! Zodiac Sea Wolf with signed original Jubilee style signed bracelet (near mint!), Champagne original dial (near mint!), with light gray enamel bezel (near mint!), sweep second, signed case, crown, bracelet, etc. Runs perfectly, recently serviced, automatic, very collectible. You won't see another one this good in a long time, maybe never. Not a whole lot more to say. The reserve? $300. don't bother bidding if you don't want to pay that much. I think I really want to keep this one.
  • 32-SW10
  • 33-SW11
  • 34-coffin
    Coffin Shaped Super Seawolf, Recessed crown and turntable timing bezel is inside the crystal.
  • 35-1stYrSW
    A transitional piece from the metal bezels to the enamel ones?
  • 36-SW14
    Le Locle Swiss Made, Zodiac 17 Jewel Mans Automatic Wrist Watch, crystal, bezel and back have some scraches, the inside is clean, watch is running and keeping time, snap back, water tested, Zodiac Sea Wolf on dial. Sold for $90 on this sorry condition.

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