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Been on the hunt. Really only need one end link. Most of you probably know the bracelet I'm talking about. It I can upload pics later tonight. Thanks
Vintage Zodiacs For Sale - Pre 1999 / Re: WTB: Breitling Navitimer A23322
« Last post by NOT ENOUGH WRIST TIME on February 23, 2017, 04:57:01 pm »
Check your email
People often move(d) a Zodiac clasp to another band that uses that same type. Both then and now.
Hi YuriyV,

thanks for your expertise! OK, no 1972BL bracelet, no other known type of Zodiac bracelet….. interesting! And strange, because the width of 17.5mm matches perfectly a Zodiac of the 60s and early 70s.


Vintage Zodiacs For Sale - Pre 1999 / WTB: Breitling Navitimer A23322
« Last post by NewOldStock on February 22, 2017, 04:27:13 pm »
Hello, I am looking to purchase a Breitling Navitimer A23322. Black dial, case size approximately 42mm. Please contact me at if you have one for sale. Thank you.
Bracelet of the 1972BL model has straight lug ends. This one - rounded ends.  :ar15;
Don't see any similar bracelets in catalogs...

General Zodiac Discussion / Cleaning a Zodiac Sea Wolf bracelet (what model would match?)
« Last post by Mugea on February 22, 2017, 11:59:05 am »
Actually, the bracelet was NOS when it arrived - except for the dirt between the two end links. But I managed it to remove the dull area by using some elbow-grease and some "Wizard Wipes" (soaked in a secret formula cleaner) to have a more pleasing looking bracelet.

Here's a before/after photo:

Just kiddin'! No, the truth is: just recently a wreck of a Hermetic was offered on ebay. The watch does not run, the dial is in bad condition, as well as the hands (and the case and the crystal….). But the plus: a super nice bracelet with the right 17.5 mm width was attached to it "by the former owner just recently" (quote from the ebay offer). As I was looking for a bracelet to go with my Sea Wolf, this was the chance to get one.

My question: does anybody know to which Zodiac model this bracelet originally was linked to? It reminds me a little bit of the bracelet that came with the 1972BL. Well the bracelet of the 1972BL was made by Kreisler - my bracelet only hast the marking "100% STAINLESS STEEL", but no maker markings.

So: any ideas?
And: I know, the right bracelet would be the jubilee variation. But for the time being the shown bracelet will be OK for me.



General Zodiac Discussion / Re: Found this Zodiac Glorious at a market stall
« Last post by McHaggis on February 19, 2017, 07:18:07 am »
Thanks for the advice, I ordered some Polywatch to fix up the crystal and took it apart to have a clean. I started modding seikos a while back so have most of the tools needed.

I'll post some more after the crystal is fixed up.
Complete COA service in December 2016 by a Master Watchmaker.

Vintage Benrus Military Issued Wrist Watch
MIL W 3818B
All Stainless Steel Case
17 Jewel Manual Wind Caliber DR 2F2 Movement with Hack Set
Case Measures 35mm Across without the Crown
Great Shape as  seen in the Pictures
Runs Well and Keeps Accurate Time
Back has full Military Markings Dated   Apr. 1965 ( Early Date )
Comes on a Black Nylon US Military Issued strap as originally issued with







Price  is $270 via normal paypal
Price is $262 via alternate paypal method with no fees to me.
Free USPS shipping within the US. (either payment method OK)
Will  ship International  for an additional $28.
Thanks for looking.

General Zodiac Discussion / Re: Found this Zodiac Glorious at a market stall
« Last post by YuriyV on February 18, 2017, 10:09:12 am »
>Yeap its hacking

Congrats. This feature is not common for this model.

>and seems to be holding good time so far, I might carry out a test to see how long the movement holds time
>for when fully wound and how accurate it is.

If you don't have service history then assume it is not serviced.
Consider to give it a proper service to ensure flawless work for years to come. Otherwise using unserviced watch on regular basis will harm it.

>I'm impressed buy that facts that its stainless steel rather than coated which means i'm going to be able
>to fix up some of the scratches on the case.

I'd suggest not to polish it. Polishing will destroy vintage look.

>Is this glass or acrylic?

It is acrylic. Can be easily polished.

>I suppose I can try with some Micromesh and see what happens.

I can suggest Polywatch product for acrylic crystals.

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