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All dressed up and ready to go

Started by Zwatch, June 30, 2011, 07:38:14 PM


 I have had my Sea Wolf for just about one year and last month the date just stopped working.
I sent it off to BWG a few days later I was called and told what had to be replaced. They cleaned up the face and refinished the luminous hands that were in bad shape as well.

A few days later my brother told me a co-worker had a Zodiac that he wanted to sell. As soon as I laid my eyes on it I made an offer and he sold it to me.
It was not running well so I sent it off to BWG to fix. They replace a few parts refinished the luminous hands and a new crown. The original was gold but BWG did not have any at this time so it was replaced with a sliver one.
He told me to hang on and he would be able to find the gold one for me.

I have been collecting vintage watches for a long time and have dealt with many a watch repair person. I have to say BWG was a pleasure to work with and a class act. The price to do the repairs was reasonable and a quick turn around time.  Zodiacs were new to me and I did not know anything about them until a came across the vintage zodiac web site and learned a great deal there

Big thanks to Butch and the forum.
I am hooked!

Sea Wolf

 :welc aboard!

That looks awesome.  BWG will get you the crown, he stands by his word and you don't even have to check up on him, he'll just contact you out of the blue and tell you he got the part and to send it back to him.  I wish your photos could capture the gold tone better.  Is the 2nd Sea Wolf also the gold tone or a regular black face Sea Wolf?

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I will try and post a few better photos.
The first Sea Wolf is all stainless steel with the blue-gray bezel.
The second one is the gold tone again sorry for the so so photos.


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jon p

 :wehe  what a fantastic start to the wonderful world of zodiac collecting--two of the most desirable models! i AM impressed. so glad to hear of your satisified dealings with BWG--there just are not many people like him left in this world. a great person who REALLY cares and has fantastic attention to detail. no one else works on my zodiacs AND  all my  other brands.


I have been alternating between the two Zodiacs since receiving them back from BWG. I think my other vintage watches just might be a bit jealous
BWG will now be taking care of all my watch repairs as I have full trust and respect for him.

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