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Introduction to BWG's Soapbox

Started by Butch, January 03, 2014, 01:11:22 PM


Who is BWG? That is Butch's Watch Guy! See another entry in the Service and Parts Info section for further information on this concept.

BWG has agreed to host this section of the forum to discuss various aspects of Zodiacs, and maybe even other watches, and how they work. No, he is not going to teach you how to fix your watch. He believes that there are things best left to the professional. And let's be honest here, fixing watches is how he pays his bills, so why should he? He is happy to explain how something works though. Feel free to ask him anything you'd like. Just understand that the answer could be, "Send it in to a professional for that." Sorry, BWG does not sell parts.

Believe it or not, BWG is unique in that he also collects vintage wrist watches. Hundreds of them as a matter of fact, and not all Zodiacs either. You may find this surprising but most watchmakers do not collect. Sort of like most seamstresses don't make their own clothes. When you do it for a living you rarely do it for fun. Trust me, I have to be really desperate to take the cover off of any of my computers!

FYI, should you sell a watch here in the forum you can expect that it will go to BWG as most of us use him. He will perform a critical evaluation of what you sold to his customer. The same thing he does for them if they bring him a watch from eBay, a pawn shop, or anywhere else. If it is not up to par, expect that is what your buyer will hear.

I hope you will enjoy this as much as I will.
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