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Heuer made Clebar? WOW

Started by poulbrix, May 15, 2015, 05:42:37 PM


Paul, I am sure BWG will weigh in here but a quick look at that linj offers no proof that I found.

Oh! Wait! Humor!!! I get it!!!!  ;o)

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Sorry Butch, I forgot to add the link by Hodinkee, which is the number one website for watches.

Scroll down for the first watch:

"This Clebar chronograph features a beautiful panda dial and a great Valjoux 72 movement. It is believed to be a "Poor Man's Heuer" made under contract by Heuer for Clebar"


Makes sense, considering that the Heuer brand can be attributed to everything that has ever been accomplished in the horological world. 

If there was a milestone in can thank Heuer.  If there was ever a watch with a really cool look/ can thank Heuer.  If you happen to see an old watch, any old was likely secretly made by Heuer, so you can thank them on that too. 

Essentially Heuer is the "Chuck Norris" of the watch world, they have accomplished it all and there is nothing that they cannot do.  To look into the dial of a Heuer watch is like looking into the face of god.........



UV, you left out the sundial. Didn't Huer invent that too???  :lafing


Quote from: incountry on May 17, 2015, 09:03:49 PM
UV, you left out the sundial. Didn't Huer invent that too???  :lafing

You are right, I forgot that one!  Any device that has ever been used to tell can thank Heuer.


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