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Started by LunaLooker, August 19, 2019, 01:24:44 PM


In my wildest fantasies, I have entertained the thought of learning watchmaking and watch repair. I have a recurring concern, though. Given the extremely small scales and tight tolerances involved, I imagine one would need some pretty steady hands for the work. I unfortunately also enjoy (or am addicted to) coffee.

Would proper and consistent watch work require giving up coffee? I do notice that it sometimes makes me a little twitchy.


No, I don't think so.  Learning the proper techniques and hand skills is the most important part, having those down allows many watchmakers to work through older age when many naturally begin to get a bit shakier.  I love my morning coffee, and generally don't pay attention to any affects from it.  The work requiring the most mechanical precision could always be saved till later in the day if it was an issue though  :sm3


Collecting Zodiacs is not for the meek; be an educated collector.
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Quote from: Butch on August 19, 2019, 06:30:17 PM
Go for it!


More options there than I even knew about.  There is already a shortage of watchmakers worldwide, which is going to get worse considering the advanced average age of current watchmakers.


Thanks BWG! Your response about coffee puts my mind at ease some. Yeah, I imagine watchmaking and repair is not a particularly well populated profession at present, but maybe things can change?

And thanks for the link to the AWCI stuff, Butch! There apparently is a school a few hours from where I live, so that might be an option should I find myself in the position to make a big change :) Plus, they teach the WOSTEP curriculum.

Is there any NAWCC educational stuff you'd recommend?


Sorry, not from me. I have not been a member for 20 years now.
Collecting Zodiacs is not for the meek; be an educated collector.
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There are a lot of books on watchmaking that would be great to pick up and try to study some of the principles to see how interested you would be in going deep into the profession (not just a casual hobbyist or tinkerer).  Most are older, but can be picked up off Ebay for $20 or less.  If you are an NAWCC member you can borrow books from their library by mail.  They have a list of reading suggestions for the aspiring watchmaker.


Good advice! I'll look into some books to get a feel of how deep my interest really goes :) Might even look into joining NAWCC


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