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Zodiac Aerospace Jet/Jet Aeronaut

Started by HiWinston, May 08, 2021, 11:18:52 AM


I'm looking into buying an Aerospace Jet or Jet Aeronaut. I was wondering if someone can provide some insight about the crowns. Did they originally come all signed or were there some years of unsigned, also what a reasonable price. I've been eyeing a few on Ebay but hesitant to pull the trigger. I would be great if someone can provide some insight if these three I've been looking at are actually original. (164791560786, 384075498665, 254899522833)



Yes, they all came with signed crowns.

164791560786 - Crown has been replaced.
384075498665 - Looks all original
254899522833 - Crown has been replaced. All the catalogs show this watch on a metal band so not sure if the box came with that watch.

Today's prices are what the market will bear. Personally I find eBay prices to be asinine.

Note: If you change watches often it is hard to get used to reading the Jet.  :#C
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Awesome! Thank you for the prompt follow up on this! On the prices, I agree. I wouldn't pay their "Buy Now" price but would make a fair offer. I prefer the white dial so with knowing its not original, would it be near impossible to find a correct crown and getting a watch maker to install it for me? Or would the hassle not be worth the time and I'm just better off getting the black ones that original.

Noted. Sounds like you've had first hand experience on this lol


384075498665 definitely has the best condition dial and case of the three.  It's also the oldest.  Zodiac used the Aeronaut moniker before switching to Aerospace.  Zodiac added their cross hair logo when they made the name switch.  Don't know what's going on with the flat brushed section of the case back but still appears to have had less re-polishing than the others. 
Does anyone know what would cause the small polished/shiny looking spots?  Is it possible it's from a sticker residue or something?

The lume has aged but doesn't look dirty like the others and the red markers are really nice and crisp.  Actually hard to judge the lume on the 2nd black "Aerospace".  The photos aren't as nice as the Aeronaut.

Also, price doesn't seem that crazy to me though I do prefer the white dials over the black.  I have a fairly pristine white dial I paid between $500 and $600 a few years back and had looked off and on for several years (I have pictures up somewhere on the forum).  So take that for what it's worth.  If you're waiting for the perfect one at the right price you could be waiting for a while.  Providing the movement doesn't need any serious repair I don't see how you can go wrong at that price and in that condition but there's always a little gamble going on with this stuff.  If you kept if for a little while and didn't screw it up to badly you could probably get most or all your money out of it without to much trouble, as long as current pricing doesn't go down.  Likely they'll trend up.

I've never noticed if one color demands more than the other.  I do some what recall someone saying the black dial ones usually go for more money but honestly I don't really know if this is true.  If I had to have one and wasn't hung up on color I'd go for the best condition one that also happens to be the best priced one as well.

The more I look at this one the more I like it.  If you check the profile photo; the lugs are looking pretty sharp.  I'd wager this has never been re-polished and not just the red markers jump out, so too do the white numerals.

That case back really has me scratching my head though.  The engravings look deep and clear, including the cross hairs on the flat portion, yet it has those shiny spots.  Possibly something has chemically etched the surface?  If it was wear I would expect to see it interrupt the engravings some how.

Geez, if I wasn't having marital issues at the moment, I think I would throw an offer at this one.  My dad's white face was the Aeronaut era and the one I picked up to replace it is the Aerospace.


Well, it's gone now. I pretty much talked myself into it but was going to wait till Monday out of respect for the original poster since he came here for info. 


Thanks man. Last time I post an Ebay question on this forum.


Wasn't me.  Like I said, talked myself into it but was waiting till Monday out of respect.  Sorry if that wasn't clear, was hoping you got it.


Not me. I literally sent the buyer a question on the caseback once you mentioned it, and didn't notice it was gone till you followed  up on it.

EDIT; Side note: If you look at the caseback from (393065429070) this one also has similar markings, so it must be normal? Also, the White Dial (164791560786) seller admitted he's been told the crowns not original from a lot of Zodiac collectors but hasn't updated the listing to reflect that...


I can only see the item on my phone at the moment.  Don't think we're talking about the same thing. Original item had tiny shiny imperfections in the brushed finish of the flat portion of the case back that didn't look like a typical wear pattern (at least mot to me).
I don't see the same thing in the brushed area of the newly mentioned item. I'm going to be in the office this afternoon to get caught up on some stuff will take another look on my computer then.


Yeah, not the same thing.  Not seeing the spots on that one.  A bit more wear on the lugs and a pretty FUBAR dial. 

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