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That caseback is a demon!!!

Started by stefaninla, December 24, 2021, 08:55:17 PM


So, I purchased a watch that had no caseback, found a matching caseback, a parts watch...
and last night was very very happy to get it all working (after my incabloc) woes.

I snapped the caseback on, in order to wear the watch for the evening to see how it ran/kept time.

From reading other experiences, I was aware that these are buggers to remove, however I thought that with as clean as all the parts were, that it wouldn't be too bad - and i do have a nice selection of knives and pry tools for cases.

WOW!!!!!  I'm seriously screwed here. It won't come off. I decided to stop after putting a scratch on the caseback (tears abound) and ordered a caseback opener - crank/clamp thing. It's not a horotec or Bergeon, but still cost me a good penny; hopefully it does the trick... 
And I seemed so close last night to showing off my 'new' vintage Sea wolf...  :shuc


Take a piece of cork, put a hole in it just big enough for the crown and insert the watch. If the case back is installed correctly there is a slight indentation facing upwards. Take a blade refill from a Stanley Utility Knife and insert it into the indentation. With a SMALL hammer hit it a time or two with outward pressure on the case back.

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Hi Butch and Yuriy,
Thank you for the incabloc offer and caseback advice! Very appreciated.

So... I won't bury the lede... the watch is finished, running nicely and looking nice!!! I'm happily wearing it at this moment to see how things work.

OH GOD - the caseback was a nightmare!!! Full disclosure:  I had read tale of how hard these were to remove and so, when I initially popped the caseback on (it went on with no difficulty) I 'thought' I was being smart by putting the groove by a lug - so that I could use the lug as a lever point should it give me a bit of trouble.
Well... lesson learned! I feared breaking the lug with the force I was exerting with my Bergeon pry bar... 

I bought a caseback clamp (a Chinese version of the Horotec) and.... even THAT didn't work by itself. In fact, the bushings on the clamp pushed out of the clamp rather than the case pop open!
I was finally able to manage to work with both the clamp AND the pry bar to get the caseback off. I swear it felt like some sort of rite of passage. 
So yes - lesson learned on these Zodiacs. Make sure you have clear access to the groove and NO, a lug won't help as a lever point.

Again, thank you much for your input, guys. I have yet another question in a follow up thread. :)

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