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case of 722-916 how is the bezel held in place?

Started by stefaninla, July 27, 2022, 08:14:18 PM


HI All,
I'm back again :) 
I am working on another Seawolf - it seems as though it was a bit of a franken monster, but I'm trying to figure out what parts go where... and make it right.

so, the caseback is a 722-916. Whether it belongs to the case- I don't know. The Bezel that came with it is a blue 'bakelite' bezel. Though sits on the case perfectly, it won't stay connected. A spring clip (ala the 722-946) does NOT work because the case doesn't have that slight ridge for the spring. However, it doesn't 'appear' to be worn down. Did earlier cases hold the bezel in differently than with a wire spring? Also - is a bakelite bezel even correct for a (supposed) 722-916... 
Serial number on the case is 180641 (for whatever that's worth)

The lugs are also not the same as the 722-946, they are a bit rounder.
Any help or thoughts would sure be appreciated!



Thank you, Yury. I was hoping you'd respond as you're one of the obvious, defacto zodiac gurus.
There's a possibility I may be able to make a straight trade with someone who has a 916 steel bezel (on a 946 case, lol) - so we'd both be improving our situations.
Otherwise, I need to source a proper bezel OR a proper 946 case and back...

Question - how does the steel bezel affix to a 916? Is it purely friction? are these bezels prone to coming off, if so?
Thanks in advance!


Yes, 916 bezel is just friction fitted. And keep in mind, there are several not compatible variations exist.


Ah, the plot ever thickens.  Thank you for that info!!!

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