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Wanted Sea Wolf no date white dial

Started by khart104, October 20, 2022, 07:43:45 PM


Looking for a mid late 60's Sea Wolf, no date, white dial with splined hands. Not sure, but I think it's reference is 702-916. Must be working and prefer metal original bracelet.

See photo example for what I'm looking for.


I have one F S with correct factory band. Also a custom jubilee style band fabricated with an orig. Zodiac clasp. This is a package deal. Yes, it is late 60's, metal bezel. I have one more ( no date func. ) coming out of the 'tune-up' shop, which is the exact same as the one listed here with photos. I'm selling down my late 60's Zodiac collection. I am not a dealer broker or flipper.


Have one other white dial Sea Wolf, no date function, only one SS signed clasp band but jubilee style band. Other S W has been sold which was the 2 band offer. Same style of watch. Lower price. $1295 shipped. BWG is cleaning, oiling, maintenance on it right now. P.O.M.O. only. I am a collector and not a dealer. Hence no PayPal or C C.


If you are still looking for a white face / no date, I have one. A factory correct, signed, stainless band.
It will come with the 5 link ( across ). Serviced by Butch's watch guy.
Selling down my small collection.


Still have one like you seek. It has the white face, non date, and can put on THE orig. correct 5 link.
You can still see my posting. I have 5 correct bands so to make the switch is no issue. I have bought from Butch in the past and I do business with his watch guy all the time to keep the collection running proerly. Reasonable prices and work is none better.

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