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Aerospace GMT movements

Started by vintagewatchhound, December 24, 2022, 05:59:07 PM


I have noticed Aerospace GMT models on eBay with 70-72 movements even though the case reference numbers begin with a 75. I have a 75B model that BWG serviced and repaired the QS date and though the 75 is not QS like a 70-72 I would be displeased to find a different model movement. It's the wild west online, just looking for a different take on this. Thanks :BGW:


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Considering where the movement is signed (the rotor) and it is swappable to any of those calibers (70-72, 72B, 74, 75, 75B, 86, 88D etc), it is pretty common to find movements incorrectly signed as these parts have been changed. 

Most sellers don't seem to care as long as they can get a working rotor/rotor assembly on it and get it sold to someone....


Just a friendly reminder to do your research and take a long look at that potential next purchase. Caveat Emptor

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