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Where can I get a Zodiac band or bezel (or any parts!) for my vintage Zodiac?

Started by Butch, December 06, 2009, 12:13:00 PM


By mid-2021 the average price on eBay for a used original Zodiac band for a Sea Wolf often exceeded $500.00 in an auction.
I have no parts for sale.
I do not know of any place that sells vintage Zodiac parts.

In this article the author discusses the scarcity of vintage parts, especially, but not limited to, Zodiacs.

In short, the Internet. Google it, watch eBay for it, SEARCH for one. If you need a link for your band you can try to enter a message in the forum asking others is they have one they want to give up.

Basically, the Zodiac company that made the models we have come to know and love went out of business long ago. Later brand owners used up all the parts and have never made new parts for the older Zodiacs. All the watch parts companies have been contacted by others and have nothing to offer.

And leather bands are even harder to come by than the metal ones. Ditto for spare links. Or signed crowns. Or dials. Or hands. Or bezels. Or just about ANY Zodiac part.

BWG does not sell any parts without a service so please do not ask.

So, welcome to the Zodiac watch collecting world and WORK at it. No one said it was going to be easy.    ;)
Collecting Zodiacs is not for the meek; be an educated collector.
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