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There are some Zodiac goodies on ebay right now

Started by davec73, March 24, 2010, 02:47:22 PM


Was outbid on this early orange Sea wolf.  Zoomed to over $200 in final minute.  But a whole herd of desirable Sea wolves floating around. 
Almost like someone emptied out their closet to divest.  Bad time to be cash poor.

Sea Wolf

I saw that orange seawolf and thought it looked to be heavily water damaged from the yellowing.
Maybe it was just a bad photo but it just doesn't look right.

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Ditto SW. Too funky for me to even bid.

Dave, I noticed the same thing this week! As of now, a search for Sea Wolf and Seawolf show 17 vintage SW's available on eBay.

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good point guys, but I do think that this model's bright orange chapter ring was very susceptible to sun fading.  I've seen several that
looked bleached out without water damage.  It does need servicing so probably looking at another $100 at least for a spa job.  Bidding should be
hot and heavy for the next few days, lol. 

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