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Started by mrmatt1977, August 09, 2010, 07:06:55 PM


I have a black dial sea wolf from I guess the 60's or 70's. I know it's a great watch. I had it cleaned and checked out and was told that it was a great watch and what it's value is. This watch means a lot to me though I could never sell it. My dad had this watch when he was in Vietnam. We lost everything in the early 90's due to the economy and to get a bed for me and my brother to sleep in so he traded this watch to a family friend for a bed. Well this was in 1992. In June of 1995 my dad died from a brain aneurysm. At the funeral the family friend called me to the side and handed me the watch. It originally had these solid bands on the watch. Which after wearing a few times I found them not to be very comfortable. The bands have the Special Forces insignia on one side and a airborne insignia on the other. I think maybe he got this watch from going through a Thai Airborne Training Camp in 1972. I have a ID bracelet that is huge with the same insignias on it.

jon p

sorry for your loss, i have been there also. my dad died in 1998 and 10 years later my sisters husband gave me a 3 register wakmann crono that my dad gave him that i never even knew about. my dad was a private pilot and he simply called it his pilots watch. my brother in law gave me the watch, he couldnt get it to work, he is NOT a watch guy and didnt know it had to be manually wound!! it works perfectly and means so much to me. hold onto that special band, even if it is not comfortable to wear, it IS a part of our military history. i bought a 1968 SEA wolf when i was in the army and i still have it. it is now on its way back to me from a complete restoration by our forum watchmaker in CA> cant wait to see it in its original glory. isnt it something how a watch becomes a true part of our family history and the memories they bring back.

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