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WTB: end link for Aerospace GMT JB Champion bracelet

Started by N8N, November 22, 2022, 01:23:15 PM


Good afternoon,

I finally got back my grey/black acrylic bezel Aerospace GMT last night, and am wearing it now.  I got it originally needing service, with non original crown, and on a leather strap that I didn't like very much.  It now is working great, BWG serviced it and provided a signed crown, and I was able to piece together an original style JB Champion bracelet with the correct Zodiac signed clasp (from parts from two different sellers) with the exception that one of the end links is not original.  It's just noticeable enough that I would like to replace it.  I know these are somewhat hard to find so am prepared to pay a fair price for it if you have one.  The one at 6 o'clock is the correct one.  The lug width on this is 11/16" or 17.5mm.

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I have 2. 17mm. $95 shipped. P.O. money order only. I am not a 'dealer.' A collector who is 'thinning out the herd' with some parts ( like these ) and my late 60's Sea Wolf & AeroSpace GMT ( 2 each of those ). if interested just email me a


Still looking.  Apparently the poster above found some links and had them put together rather than selling me the end links (can't say I blame him!) so I still need one original end link for the bracelet pictured, let me know if you have it.

Three months later, I'm still quite happy with the watch however.  I sometimes question my sanity for not just buying one of the reissues, but hey, it's mine now and I like it.

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