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FS Astrographic Blue Dial Silver Case - follow to the end to see the story here

Started by slucop, May 17, 2011, 08:55:05 AM


Hi guys,

Thank you for all your kind words. I will return to the project few more times as the crystal and the minute hand need some more attention. I just simply had to see it finished to wear it for a bit :)

As for the crystal, if you head over to,1 and click through the various astrographics Piotr has good info on do it yourself. I suppose the same technique would apply for the Seawolfs too ;)

Anyway if somebody knows, where to source NOS dial discs and so on I would gladly take all info,



Dear all,

One warning to the DIY - Piotr makes it sound all soo simple, even if I had all the materials the crystal itself took some 8 hours solid from my life (as I kept redoing it). The discs another two days (for the same reasons, it always looked bad)

The Super SeaWolf seems easy-ish, as most ovf the ring is black, an the biggest issue is the white colour - printers don't have white ink, but a good compass cutter and sticky optical clear inkjet foil does make it a breeze.

One more picture to go with the whole thing - this I have taken when the project was already in mid-flow, case re-grinded and a second hand disc printed (hence the two red dots :) )

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