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Zodiac Super Chrono
« on: July 17, 2012, 02:17:22 pm »
Some History from the original owner:

"I am not confident that the band can be fixed cause I was buried in silt over my head recovering an anchor in Lake Michigan and it let go.  The watch never failed, but bands do.  It has been inside wrecks, dams, sewer pipes, rivers and lakes in Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan.  It has seen a lot of use at night and inside wrecks doing some salvage.  Nothing very exciting but it has been used as it was intended.  I get such a laugh at people that own a Rolex Submariner that can't even swim and yet they buy dive watches.  The lume on the Zodiac has outlasted my Sub for 10 years and my watches have had over 2000 dives on them!
I bought it new from Berrys Scuba in Arlington Il  in 1972.
Best wishes and I hope you love it!

I also wore in a foundry when I worked in while out of college. The watch was never exposed to any more heat than I was, however, cause I would have been melted.  It has over 1000 dives on it with the deepest, a decompression dive in Lake Michigan at about 179 feet.  It outlasted my 2 Doxa's and Seiko which were broken inside wrecks or on salvage.  This is a real honest to God dive watch! It has been buried in silt over 10 feet deep on the bottom (me too!).I was still wearing it when I decided to sell it due to recent hospital expenses.  Kept better time than all the others. "

I am looking for an original crystal to complete the restoration.  Please contact me if you have one for sale.

Photos below.

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