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aerospace jet

Started by Cobber, August 06, 2012, 01:55:04 PM


Just fished this out of the bay, item: 200802260142
Sorry if anybody had an offer in.  I had planned on throwing a low ball offer out there myself but saw there were already two offers on the table with one pending.  Figured if it looks as good as the pictures suggest the price didn't seem to out of line.
Been trying to find one for a while when this popped up over the weekend.  Looks to be in excellent original condition.  Will update once I get in my hands on it.

jon p

 :wehe  NICE JET! that white dial rocks, i have the black but the white IS my favorite. it is much less seen than the black. get a nice bracelet, get rid of that hair puller! GOOD CATCH! get ready takes some getting used to to tell time! i would let BWG service it.


Nice watch, like the white better than the black dial too. Did he say if it was serviced? "working fine" just does not do it for me.
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Seller is a pawnshop in Fl. and didn't know service history of watch.  They did confirm it has a Zodiac 721 movement.  Before I even wind the thing I'll take it to my watch maker and have him perform some basic maintenance and service.  Case back looks to have had either no repolishing/brushing or very little.  The engravings appear pretty clear and defined.  Dial looks to have an extremely even patina and has taken on that desirable champagne color, at least for me.  This kind of leads me to believe the watch was maintained well or hardly ever worn.  I may know more once my watch maker pops it open.  Either way it looks worth the risk, especially since seller has a fairly high rating though not exclusively for watches.

I've got an 18mm brown leather cuff strap I used to use for my Sea Wolf that's not doing anything and should look pretty cool on this.  I'm pretty excited, price was a tad higher then what I had been hoping for but if this looks as good in person as it does in photos I'd be pretty upset at myself for not spending the extra money.  I've been keeping an eye out for one and these are getting to be very few and far in between particularly in this condition.  At least it seems that way while I'm looking for one.  It's pretty funny, other stuff has popped up that I wanted to snag but I just kept telling myself not to get distracted. 

Fingers crossed.  Hopefully I'll be able to move on and start targeting something else.  A Kingline, Goldenline, or Astrographic will most likely make the hit list.


Dig the white dial Aerospace Jet. Just  thought I might add that the band on the watch per E-bay pics looks quite possibly like it could be the original, noting my personal 1970ish Zodiac catalog.
Just thought I would throw out that bone to get the never-ending conversation started again as to the veracity of what constitutes an "original" band.
I know that is a favorite topic of many members.  ;D
yours truly,
keeper of the real,
orange C.


It looked original to me as well, forgot to mention that, thanks for doing so.
Collecting Zodiacs is not for the meek; be an educated collector.
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Thanks, yea, I was kind of considering that while trying to picture
the stress this thing might have been put through.
I'm pretty sure the one my dad gave me had some sort of stretchy
band on it originally.  This one certainly looks period correct and aged.
Unfortunately, I don't thing these types of bands carry any
signature other than that of the specific band manufacturer.


It should say JB Champion I think. It has been a while since I had one though.
Collecting Zodiacs is not for the meek; be an educated collector.
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I'd be pretty damn happy if it's a JB or a Kreisler.  I believe
the original stretchy on my Olympos, which I have, is a
Hope it gets here soon. I got a tracking number today.
The "discovery" portion is part of the fun of collecting.


Nice catch. It looks like the twin to mine. If that is the original band, and I bet it is, I think you alright.


This seems to have gone insanely well so far.  I've attached some iphone photos for now just because I know how much everyone likes to look at photos of Zodiacs.
How's this for a nice surprise?  Seller mailed watch in a nice Zodiac watch box facsimile. 
Watch itself might easily be described as NOS if it weren't for the patina-ed dial.  Watch band is a JB and it might best be described as NOS as well if it weren't for what looks like shelf wear.  The links show zero fatigue or distortion.  Was probably sized for the original owner and never removed again.  There aren't even any strap changing marks on the lugs.
I actually like the strap quit well and don't think I could change it without marring the finish on the lugs so I think I'll leave it for now.  Fits a tad loose but extremely comfortable.  I can't find a single mark on the case, crystal, or bracelet that couldn't easily be described as coming from 40yrs. of storage in a drawer.
I couldn't resist the urge to give it a light winding.  It'll be interesting to see what my watch maker says.
Seller really seems to have described it pretty accurately so far, "excellent condition and working fine"


Emailed the seller today asking what possible other back ground info
he might have.  He said, some 95 year old man came in and sold them
(his pawn shop) a box of watches and this happened to be one of them.
Not quite sure what to make of that. Sounds a little like "this was driven
by a little old lady to church and the grocery store".  One important
difference being I've already paid for the watch and I'm not trying
to be sold.

In any case, dropped it off at my watch maker's today.  Should have
it back in a week.

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