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New Clebar Web Site!

Started by dangen1977, December 07, 2012, 01:19:16 PM


Hey Butch,

How ya doin?  Long time.  Hope all is well with you.  Just wanted to give you, and any other Clebar fans out there,  a heads up about the new Clebar Lines.  My brother, Alan, and I have collaborated on this project and we are releasing our new web site (which will allow online purchasing) on Monday or Tuesday.  There will be 4 lines, all of which are currently viewable on the site.   One line is fully automatic and can handle a depth of 2000m....yup...meters.  There's also 2 chrono lines and an oversized date movement line.  Feel free to check em out and let us know what ya think, your input was always much appreciated back in the days of Zodiac.

If you wanna check out the site, which is not complete yet...still needs history, warranty, and credit card processing (all of which should be up and running next week), feel free.  It's currently located at  but will be moved to next week.

Talk to ya later,

Danny Genender


Hello Danny!

WOW, this is very exciting! Thank you for sharing the launch here in our forum. I cannot wait to get my hands on the auto.

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Sea Wolf

Can we get a wrist shot of the Talon Automatic?  I really like the photos on the website but would like to see a normal photo of the Talon on a wrist to see how it looks.


Contact me for any technical issues related to the website.


 but this one looks good too.      :woohoo; :woohoo;

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