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It was a method for high beat model line (36000 dph) marketing. SST was marking watches with Zodiac 86 caliber.
Split Second Timing
Thanks for all the replies & information!

Can I ask, what does "SST" refer to? Does that refer to both the 76 & 86 Calibers?
There is always the catalogs too.
Faceted case (745) was available in yellow gold plated and stainless for 76 and 86 (SST) calibers.
Respectively 763 745 and 762 745 - 863 745 and 862 745

Round case has another (but similar) number - 845
So models were 763 845 and 762 845 - 863 845 and 862 845
Thank you very much for the reply Ultra-Vintage. Yeah, I couldn't find a similar case either, looking on eBay & Google Images. Anywhere else to try looking that you know of? Thanks again,
Definitely 70s.  The Caliber 76 is a 21600bph movement.  Interesting case.  I have seen nearly that identical watch with a normal round top "tonneau" shaped case many times, but I do not know that I have seen it with the facets like that (if I have it has been a long time).
Let's see if a smaller file size pic will work....
Hello, & thanks for admitting me as a member. I just acquired this Zodiac automatic day/date & would appreciate any help you can offer by way of identification & additional information. It has a "76" movement & is running well. The case is unusual in that it is faceted with 12 facets, & I can't find a similar one online. Based on its style I would guess it was made in the 1970's perhaps. The serial number from the case back inside is 863 745. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer. I have some photos of it but am getting an HTTP 500 error each time I try to post them as attachments.
General Zodiac Discussion / Re: Super Seawolf and the Navy Seals
« Last post by Ultra-Vintage on April 18, 2018, 10:29:22 AM »
Squale rings a bell. UV probably knows.

The early Super Seawolfs are definitely EPSA, and fall under the "Single Crown Super Compressor" patents. 

The second variation of the Super Seawolf, the first models with the ETA movement (would be post 79-80 when A Schild became part of ETA), might very well have been made after the closing of EPSA.  I have not seen proof as to their maker, but there are differences between their cases/bezels and the first generation, and it is possible they were made by Squale/MRSA. I have not seen anything definitive though.
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