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My dads Rally racing watch saga!

Started by YoshiCy, August 01, 2017, 01:45:36 PM


My dad bought this watch (sea chron) in 1971 when he was a co pilot for rally races back then and it was using it as his prime chronometer. In an unknown situation during a race he lost the bezel I've been trying to find a replacement or a full case or just a broken watch so I can bring it back to its original condition. I have to note that this beauty works like a charm! My father is in his late sixties and although he passed it on to me I want to bring this lady back to its original status so i can give it back to him. It really means a lot to him! Can anyone help me with this task? I am in the searching for 4 years now and nothing....  :(


Unfortunately those are really hard to come by.  I have very rarely seen them loose for sale, and when I did it was $300-$400.  That was when those watches brought $2000-$2500........but now that I have seen some nice examples of the Sea Chron sell in the $3500-$4000+ range it is hard to tell what you would have to pay for a nice bezel if one came up.

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