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Inheritance Zodiac Watch - Hard to Find

Started by Jpwatcher, December 13, 2022, 07:52:38 PM


Hello Zodiac Forum,

First time poster as I recently inherited my first Zodiac. I have researched and researched but cannot find the model. It is marker 14k it is running although I'm not sure how well. It is also marked "Zodiac Rudd" 89170. It looks like a bracelet but the cover flips over and the watch is below.

Most interested in when it was made and where. Right now planning on keeping it but am curious as to value. Any help you all can lend would be greatly appreciated.



Nice watch! That could make a fine family heirloom. Zodiacs were Swiss made watches. That one appears in the 1971 catalog. In 1971 that watch sold to jewelers for $550, which in the fashion then, meant whoever bought it from them would pay $1,100.00. This was a very high end ladies timepiece back then from their Ladies Covered Bracelet Timepiece collection.

Today it really has no value as women's watches, for the most part are not collected. That means it is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. Really it is just a 14K bracelet with a watch stuffed under the cover (which can be left out). Having said that, weigh the bracelet now that you have the watch out then google 14K scrap gold value. That is now the minimum value of that watch.

Be sure to check this out before winding it again though.
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Thank you for the quick response and amazing knowledge!  Glad it is an actual Zodiac and it can be found in one of their catalogs. Looking forward to more interaction with the community!

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