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Looking for GMT bezel jewel / bearing

Started by karlusmagnus, September 22, 2023, 05:51:45 PM


I have an Aerospace GMT, first edition, 752-925, with a Cal 75 movement - it has the polished plated bezel which rotates in both directions, and with a green triangle at 0/24.  The 24-hour hand is an arrow with lume in the arrow head, the hour and minute hands thin baton with lume tips, and the second hand is a thin pointer.
The bezel rotates freely, due to the absence of the small round ruby jewel with a circular spring underneath of it sitting in that recess on top of the case, which corresponds with the holes on the underside of the bezel.
Would anyone have such a jewel/spring that I could purchase, or a source for one?
I was in touch with BWG (Butch's Watch Guy, whom I have used before for services etc, and am happy with), but he has none in stock right now, hence my ask to the wider community.
Here is a pic of the jewel/bearing that I need ..


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