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orange seawolf

Started by blauroterfritz, March 21, 2011, 05:58:36 PM


Would'nt you know it!, there is currently a very nice looking Orange Seawolf on US e-bay. Check it out.!
i'll be back.

jon p

 ??? what is the bay item ###, makes it real easy yo find. thanks, JON P

jon p

 :o   wow-a couple of nice ones for sure, too rich for my blood though!! i think i would take the second one, it probably has a 1,000 reserve.


Auction ended at $ 406 ->reserve price not met, so not sold. I tried to make a bid, but only US bidders were allowed  :'(


blauroterfritz, yep I really like that orange !  Mine is a *little* modified, but I love it and hope to get some pics up soon.

BTW what to you think of the German Ebay dealer  " uhrenwidder44 " ? He has the Super Seawolf that I think you were interested in. His prices for a lot of his other stock seem very reasonable and was wondering if there might be any *reason* for this. What do you think ?



Hey, I have just seen that the orange Seawolf that didn't meet the reserve price on ebay had the picture stolen from the gallery here!!! And that one, according to Butch's comment, was sold in Oct. 2002.
Butch, you didn't buy it back in 2002, did you? Or do you have more info about it?

But the other orange seawolf (first link above) has been sold by now. Who bought it, I wonder ...  ::)   ;D

Sea Wolf

Oliver, you are right, that photo was taken from the Sea Wolf Gallery  :o

Butch, what do you think?  Could this be the same watch or something else going on  :-X

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Hi Mel , Uhrenwidder , which means "watchram" , and " widder" is simply the surename of the owner, is a huge business. They wholesale , bulkbuy , manage deceased estates , and so on , in other words huge turnover . I guess , everything would be above board and no credibility issues , however , I think most of the effort and responsibility to assess the quality of the item in question sits with the buyer.They won't misrepresent an item , but they probably won't tell you every detail, (particulary any negatives ),  unless you ask the question. Yes , you are right , I am keen on the seawolf , accepting the condition as is, knowing how rare this watch has become, but I would have to sell some stock from the collection first. By the time this has been achieved , this one is gone. " Such is life. " Arne.
i'll be back.


I am not sure. I used to keep records. I know that the seller has bought parts from me in the past on eBay as I saw I had left him feedback. I did not even realize the pictures were from here. I do not allow that, unless it was the purchaser.

Funny thing, sometimes I recognize one I have sold, but as the years pass they begin to blur together. Oh, look, I see a light over there... Let me head that way... <voices in the background are shouting, "Don't go into the light!"...>
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